Hello, Warriors!

We are looking for a volunteer to own the job of managing home game field set-up this spring! The great part about this volunteer job is that the work is done before and after your player plays, so you can focus on the game!

Our home games are currently expected on the following dates:
March 18th (5/6 + 7/8 games only)
March 25th
April 1st (5/6 + 7/8 games only)
April 15th
May 6th
This volunteer role is best served by someone with a truck who can manage hauling the team tents, tables, chairs, etc.. You can keep it with you between games or return it to the club storage unit, if you’d prefer!
With the help of volunteers, this person will:
  • Bring the game day supplies to the field in the morning (typically around 7:15 am)
  • Set up K-2 + 3/4 fields/tent areas to start the day
  • Help make the transition to full-size fields for 5/6 + 7/8 games
  • Set out endzone game balls for 5/6 + 7/8 games
  • Pack up supplies at the end of the day after 7/8 plays
  • Home games will be played at Whatcom Community College
  • Training available + parent volunteers waiting in the wings for each weekend for all of the above tasks!
There may also be the possibility of breaking this role into two parts:
  • Parents from K-2 or 3/4 who can own getting the gear from storage and manage the initial set-up in the morning
  • Parents from 5/6 or 7/8 who can manage the breakdown in the afternoon and get the gear back into storage for the next games
If you’re interested in hearing more, please reach us at bhamwarriors@gmail.com.
Thank you for your consideration!