Why should your child play lacrosse?

• Today, lacrosse is the fastest growing youth, high school, and college team sport in the United States!
• Lacrosse is known as “the fastest game on two feet!” and attracts all kinds of athletes once they are exposed to it. It is a fast paced, high octane game!
• All types of players can excel. Many of the best players in the nation rely on speed, agility and determination, rather than brute strength or size according to LAX.com.
• It makes you a more well-rounded athlete. It builds speed, hand-eye coordination, field/game intelligence, and teamwork.
• It is steeped in heritage, originating as a stick game among indigenous peoples across North America and is one of oldest sports being played in modern times.
• You can play in high school and beyond! Plus, lacrosse has also become a MAJOR recruiting and college acceptance consideration at all levels of the game.
• Last but not least, it is SUPER FUN! Throwing a lacrosse ball at full speed is a blast. Once kids start playing, they want to keep playing.

What age levels can play for Bellingham Warriors?

We have teams ranging from Kindergarten – 8th grade. Teams break down by schools grade to include:
• K-2nd grade team: play 4 v. 4 with no goalie on smaller fields with smaller goals
• 3rd/4th grade team: play 7 v. 7 including goalie on smaller fields smaller goals
• 5th/6th grade team: play 10 v. 10 including goalie on a full field
• 7th/8th grade team: play 10 v. 10 including goalie on a full field

What about injuries in lacrosse?

More injuries occur in soccer, football, wrestling, baseball, and basketball than do in lacrosse. In relation to concussion, football, soccer, wrestling, and basketball all have higher rates of concussion than lacrosse (according to the American Academy of Pediatrics 2019 study). Yes, lacrosse is a contact sport, but it is not a regular collision sport (plus the players all have helmets)!

When are lacrosse games?

Game times can vary from week to week, however, games are played on Saturdays. Unless we are playing a make-up games or in tournaments.

Is lacrosse more about one kid being a star or about team?

Team matters in lacrosse, it is not about the individual player but about the whole team working as one unit. At the Bellingham Warriors, our boys not only play WITH each other…they play FOR each another.

How is playing time determined?

At younger ages, playing time is all about sharing time and learning skills. As the boys progress, especially into the 7/8 grade team, all boys will get time but it may be based on our SAGE factors as well:
• Skills: Do you have the skillset in passing, catching, defending, and shooting that is required for the situation? Do you put in extra time to elevate and practice those skills?
• Attitude: Do you have a positive mental attitude, regardless of the game situation? Do you bring the team up or down?
• Game situation: What is the right set of players based on the needs of the game at the time?
• Energy: How physically fit and ready are you to be on the field, what kind of energy and physical capacity do you have?

How long is the lacrosse season? 

Spring is the main field lacrosse season and usually starts in mid-February and the games run through end-May. Additional tournaments may happen in early June if we sign up for them, and they are optional.
If we have the players, coaches, and field availability, we will occasionally have a fun “Fall Ball” season with fewer games and practices and a much shorter commitment (usually from early October- early November)

How long are lacrosse games?  

Youth Lacrosse games run for about 50 minutes. This is broken up into 4 quarters. Youth: 4 x 8-minute quarters plus half-time.

When / how long are practices?

Practices are normally 2-3 times per week for 1.5 – 2 hours each depending on age and field availability. Some Sunday practices may be scheduled.





Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse is a recreational boys youth lacrosse club for players in grades kindergarten through 8th grade

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Located in Whatcom County (WA) + designated youth players who will attend Bellingham, Ferndale, Sehome or Squalicum High Schools


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