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LAX Youth Game Philosophy

The Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse Club is dedicated to youth lacrosse, providing K-8 boys with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams that honor the game.

The ROOTS philosophy is based in respect for history, tradition, and honoring the game.


BWL is a 100% volunteer run organization

Our Board members are volunteers and to make this work we need each of you to volunteer as well.

Each parent / guardian will need to find volunteer times for the team you are a part of, typically by being a TEAM PARENT or by helping support our field set-ups, timing / scorekeeping, being the sideline warden, or merchandise sales.

There are Board positions available right now, please speak to a BWL board member should you wish to learn more about being a Board member.


We are all excited to get back on the field to start the 2022 Lacrosse Season. While the pandemic is still impacting many people, new guidance on risk and safety has been/will be put into effect that can be directly applied to lacrosse players, coaches, and fans. All BWL guidelines are subject to change based on the every-evolving health and safety guidance.

  • Good communicable disease hygiene is always important, please be sure to keep players at home if they have any symptoms that would indicate illness.
  • Regarding masks/face covering, BWL will follow the guidance of the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) and the Governor’s Office, which suggests:
    • Face coverings are not required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Masks are strongly recommended for unvaccinated individuals when outdoors in crowded spaces or when in close contact with people from outside their household for a sustained period of time, as the risk of COVID-19 infection increases with the duration and closeness of contact between individuals.
    • BWL will continue to support athletes and team members who choose to wear a mask or face covering outdoors.
  • BWL will follow the guidance of the WIAA and Bellingham School District recommendations for return to play guidelines. Should a player be symptomatic and/or test positive for COVID-19, please adhere to the following:
    • If you test positive for COVID regardless of your vaccination status, you need to isolate at home for five days.
    • Follow isolation guidance and limit contacts with others as much as possible.
  • Your athlete can return to practice/play when it has been:
    • 5 days since symptoms started or, if your child had no symptoms, 5 days since there was a positive test result AND
    • 24 hours after fever resolves without use of fever-reducing medications AND
    • Symptoms have improved.
  • An antigen test is recommended but not required at day five. If you test and the result is positive, you must continue to isolate until day 10.
  • If the test result is negative, you may return to play and should continue to wear a mask around others until day 10.
  • For team members who are close contacts:
    • Athletes who are vaccinated (with or without booster) and coaching staff who are vaccinated (and boosted if due): you do not need to quarantine.
    • Athletes or coaches who had a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 90 days: you do not need to quarantine.
  • Athletes or coaches who are not fully vaccinated: should follow guidelines for masking and quarantine as outlined by the Whatcom County Department of Health for either infection or close contact (
  • Should you test positive or are a close contact, please contact your coach so they can make plans accordingly.



    1. BWL Parents will set the example for good sportsmanship at all games, practices, and tournaments. You are role models and will be held to the same high standards of sportsmanship that we expect from our players.
    2. Parents must uphold the same BWL rules that apply to players in terms of assault, discrimination, disrespectful or abusive language, drug and alcohol abuse, unsportsmanlike conduct, foul language, and gestures, etc. Parents in violation of the rules may be suspended from attending practices, games and other BWL activities. Additionally, parents in serious violation of these rules may put their player in jeopardy of suspension or expulsion from BWL.
    3. Parents must allow the BWL Coaches to instruct their children during games and practices. BWL Parents must also not interfere by offering additional instruction during those times. From the sidelines, you are expected to enjoy watching your children play Lacrosse, and be their cheerleader, not their coach.
    4. Parents must recognize that BWL Coaches are willing to discuss players and/or coaching philosophies but agree that discussions will only take place at the appropriate time and never during a tryout, practice, or game or in the presence of any players or other Parents/Guardians. While our Coaches are willing to offer constructive feedback to parents about how their children can work to improve and become more successful Lacrosse players, we will not discuss our evaluations of other parents’ children.
    5. Parents agree to follow the “24 Hour Rule”: If you have a SIGNIFICANT complaint resulting from a game or practice situation, contact the Coach the next day (preferably by email) after a good night’s sleep and arrange a suitable time to discuss your complaint in a mutually respectful manner. Please respect that our Coaches are working with many players and that they most likely have “day jobs” and families of their own.
    6. All parents are bound by BWL rules and Code of Conduct and US Lacrosse rules and Code of Conduct.





Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse is a recreational boys youth lacrosse club for players in grades kindergarten through 8th grade

location - icon WHATCOM COUNTY

Located in Whatcom County (WA) + designated youth players who will attend Bellingham, Ferndale, Sehome or Squalicum High Schools


Members of the North Sound Youth Lacrosse League with other clubs in Whatcom, Skagit + Snohomish Counties